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Piers 30/32 – Proposed Office Space – What about recreation space for the Community too?

The futures of Piers 30, 32, and 36 along with what remains of 34 are important to both the Rincon Hill and South Beach neighborhoods. I noticed a new possibility for Piers 30/32 on SFGate.com this evening.

After the developers of Watermark sold their development’s units, they got the hell out of Dodge instead of making good on building a cruise terminal at Piers 30/32 and revamping Piers 34 and 36. I’m sure we’ll all be proud if Pier 36 and the fencing that says “Unsafe Area” happens to appear on television sets around the world while the Olympic Torch passes by (sarcasm).

Anyway, the most recent idea was that the cruise terminal and office space to help fund the development of the cruise terminal was going to occur at the Port’s Piers 27 and 29/31 at the foot of Telegraph Hill. However, the article that I spotted this evening states that the developer (Shorenstein) and the Port have recently been discussing the idea of funding the new cruise terminal at Pier 27 in Telegraph Hill by developing office space on Piers 30/32, at the border of Rincon Hill and South Beach, as opposed to office buildings on Piers 29/31.

If this is the plan that moves forward, my personal hope is that residents in Rincon Hill and South Beach work together to pressure the Port and the City to figure out how to add benefits for our residents and neighborhood businesses from office building developments on Piers 30/32. The City and Port shouldn’t be able to sell off potential recreational open space for our neighborhoods to help fund development that benefits the residents and businesses of Telegraph Hill without any further consideration for Rincon Hill and South Beach. Part of the money should go to getting the Rincon Hill Community Center plans for the Sailors Union on 1st and Harrison up and running, as one idea.

We need you to join the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association and to actively give hell to the Board of Supervisors, the Port, and other City agencies that take us for granted – Rincon Hill and the surrounding neighborhoods should not be used as the ATM cash machine for the rest of the City without securing increased services and a better quality of life for our neighborhood in return.

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