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Planning Commission Approved 333 Harrison Exceptions/Variance

Talk about a tale of two developers … 333 Harrison, while no doubt impacting folks at Bridgeview, approached the Rincon Hill neighborhood the RIGHT WAY – started talking with us at our neighborhood association meeting in early December and additional meetings since then, resulting in further negotiation with Caltrans and the City’s relative department (BDI?) to move their project over another 12 feet west away from Bridgeview, providing the width of a street separating the two projects.

The developer proposing 430 Main / 429 Beale has MUCH to learn from Emerald Fund and their team when it comes to working with a community in San Franciso., designs for urban living, and building goodwill. Please sign the online petition at http://livable.wetpaint.com to build community support to ask the Planning Commission for a improved design of 430 Main /429 Beale that doesn’t cause such significant negative impacts on the 400+ residents of BayCrest Towers and maintains livability in Rincon Hill.

I do look forward to the park space coming to Harrison/Fremont as part of the 333 Harrison project. If I might add, the Bryant/Beale park space that they mentioned has been in the works for quite some time thanks to our neighbors Josh and Marty over at Watermark – they did almost all of the legwork to get that dog run park moving along, getting the various agencies (Caltrans, SF Parks & Recreation, Planning, etc.) talking to one another. I want to make sure credit is received where it is due – and a hat tip goes to our friends and neighbors at the Watermark for that one.

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