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Planning Commission Meeting at 1:30 PM on Thursday re: 333 Harrison Street

UPDATE: View the March 19, 2009 Planning Meeting Commission video online re: 333 Harrison Street.

Please support our Rincon Hill neighbors at Bridgeview by attending Thursday’s Planning Commission meeting at City Hall, Room 400 starting at 1:30 PM. I’m afraid I’ll be on a plane heading east, but I am very interested in the outcome of this public hearing.

My main personal disagreement with the 333 Harrison project is that they’re requesting permission to build only 4.5% 2-bedroom or greater units, and the Rincon Hill Plan calls for at least 40% in order to provide more living space for families. I believe we need more families in Rincon Hill if we’re going to become a real neighborhood with residents invested in making sure our quality of life improves over time. However, I do respect that the Emerald Fund folks approached the community back in December with their plans.

For another perspective from someone who lives at Bridgeview and who would like to encourage as many of you as possible to come to the meeting to show unity, I offer her letter to the Planning Commission that she shared with me.

Re: Case Nos. 2007.1250XV, proposed 333 Harrison Street

To the Planning Commission:

I am the owner and resident of 400 Beale Street (Bridgeview building), unit xxxx.

The proposed developer of 333 Harrison, Emerald Fund, is the same firm that developed the Bridgeview building at 400 Beale. At the time the Bridgeview units were being sold, Emerald Fund owned both the 400 Beale and 333 Harrison parcels. Emerald Fund represented through their agents to prospective buyers of Bridgeview condos that the 333 Harrison parcel would be developed solely as a park and not have commercial development. Bridgeview units were purchased and condo prices were paid based on the representation that 333 Harrison would be solely a park. Before I purchased at Bridgeview, I even called the SF Planning Department and they confirmed that the 333 Harrison property would be developed solely as a park and that my unit specifically would look out on the park.

Now Emerald Fund is ignoring its representation to Bridgeview buyers that the 333 Harrison parcel would be used exclusively for a park and not commercial development. Not only was Emerald Fund’s representation false, but also now Emerald Fund wants to be the one to go out and breach their own representation by building there.

I strongly believe it’s inappropriate to approve a project where the developer misled so many buyers as to their plans for the 333 Harrison parcel, and where the proposed commercial project doesn’t comply with city ordinances.

I am one of many owners and residents in Bridgeview who will be significantly adversely affected by commercial development at 333 Harrison. The current proposed project by Emerald Fund will eliminate our promised view of the park. Instead of being 20 feet from a park as was represented originally by Emerald Fund, we will be a little over 30 feet from a wall. Emerald Fund has offered no compensation to individuals who will have the market values of their units substantially diminished by this development.

I am writing to request a continuation of this case until a later public hearing, to allow additional time for my neighbors in Bridgeview to receive the notice of public hearing, send their written comments to the Planning Department, and rearrange their work schedules to attend the public hearing. The one week’s notice of the public hearing was inadequate notice for many of my neighbors, as many have not yet received the notice of public hearing and/or were unable to change their work schedules on only one week’s notice. Furthermore, not all owners currently reside at the address to which the notice of public hearing was sent. I am requesting additional time to allow all neighbors to submit their written comments and attend the public hearing.

Thanks for your consideration of the requests raised here!

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