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Protest Prop 8 on Friday – March Starts at 5:30 PM

Are you mad as hell that California voters decided that animals deserve more rights while they also decided that LGBT couples should be treated like second class citizens, take away our rights in Tuesday’s election? Let off your steam with others in San Francisco this Friday at Civic Center at 7th and Market Street (I know, that’s on the other side of Market from Civic Center, but that’s what the postings say) starting at 5:30 p.m. for a protest rally and march.

The protest rally will move from Civic Center (Market and 7th Street) down Market to Castro Street, and then will take a turn on 18th Street to terminate at Dolores Park.

Make your own signs and consider bringing glow sticks or candles or something to light up since it’ll be getting dark soon after the march begins. The most important aspect is to show up – if you didn’t give a penny to the campaign or a minute to volunteering, please just show up and be counted.

While Los Angeles LGBT and allies have a right to be pissed and are the most visibly pissed on our evening news programs, they and their neighbors only voted 50% NO and 50% YES in that County. San Francisco should be hella madder because we got the job done in our neighborhoods – the Bay Area, except Solano County, voted against discrimination – by a margin of 75% or so NO in San Francisco. I digress ….

We should all be mad as hell … we should not be drinking from separate water fountains, so-to-speak, in 2008. Equality for All! Please come to the protest/rally – life is too short to be a spectator, and things won’t change if you don’t take action.

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