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Rincon Hill is rising

It is such an exciting time to live in San Francisco. It is especially exciting to live in the Rincon Hill neighborhood as the landscape is undergoing a huge change with many new high-rise condos such as Infinity and One Rincon Hill rising above us with their great cranes working high in the sky.

With all of this activity, I believe it is time to make sure that those of us living in the area do not allow our vertical buildings to become gated communities of sorts. We need to strive to get to know each other and to help make sure that our quality of life is the best it can be.

Our property taxes will provide a much-needed boost in revenues for the City. Unless we are organized in some manner, I could easily see us getting short-changed on our needs and not receiving our fair share of attention from City Hall. My experience already is that individuals do not get responses from City Hall’s Supervisors, having contacted both Sophie Maxwell when I lived in Potrero Hill and Chris Daly now that I live in District 6.

It is my hope that we become a vibrant neighborhood whose strength is built upon the personal relationships created between those of us living and working in Rincon Hill and the Transbay area. I look forward to meeting my neighbors, keeping the streets clean, and enjoying this wonderful city we’ve been blessed with. Please join me by signing up for the Rincon Hill Google Group and the Rincon Hill social network on Ning.com.

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