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Rincon Hill Tentative Pilot for Area Plan Infrastructure Finance Districts

The following is from an Executive Summary presented to the Planning Commissioners for this Thursday’s meeting which starts at 1:30pm in Room 400 at City Hall. Feel free to come make public comments on this topic … especially to ask that there be a Rincon Hill Area Plan resident on the Committee that will likely be created as a result.

In the past several years, the Department has adopted a number of new area plans. These plans include a wide variety of open space, pedestrian improvements, transit improvements and economic development initiatives. Most of the plans include a set of impact fees designed to help pay for these improvements. Monies collected from impact fees are projected to provide for only approximately 30‐50% of the needed public improvements.

The Board of Supervisors directed the City’s Capital Planning Committee to establish the Eastern Neighborhoods Infrastructure Finance Working Group (ENIFWG1) to recommend funding strategies for the remaining 50‐70% of the funds needed to implement the plans.

BF 100870 [Area Plan Infrastructure Finance Committee] This proposed Resolution introduced by Supervisor Maxwell would direct the Capital Planning Committee to establish an Area Plan Infrastructure Finance Committee (APIF Committee). This committee would:
1. Manage and oversee a consultant study to inform the formation of an IFD and CFD in the Eastern Neighborhoods as recommended by ENIWG;
2. Develop a clear statement of policy criteria to guide the use of IFDs in recently adopted Area Plans as recommended by ENIFWG;
3. Review and supervise the formation of the proposed Rincon Hill Pilot IFD based on the proposed IFD policy criteria: and
4. Provide such proposals or recommendations within six (6) months of study initiation.

The Committee would be composed of no more than four members of the public (including one member from the Market & Octavia CAC and one from the Eastern Neighborhoods CAC) and one representative each from the Planning Department, the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, the Mayorʹs Office of Public Policy and Finance, the Controller’s Office and the Capital Planning Committee and other implementing agencies.

How might this help us in Rincon Hill? Well, it could help us keep a chunk of property taxes from new developments within our neighborhood to help pay for things like developing the Harrison Street Park, developing the Guy Place pocket park, funding the proposed shared use of the Sailors’ Union of the Pacific as a Community Center, and other infrastructure needs.

There is one action step I’d like you to take if you can spare 5 minutes to do so. Notice above that although Rincon Hill is the Pilot Plan Area for an Infrastructure Finance District, we are not guaranteed a seat on the Area Plan Infrastructure Finance Committee that will help determine the policy criteria for the Infrastructure Finance Districts. Eastern Neighborhoods and Market Octavia plan areas each get one seat guaranteed by the resolution. There is a limit of four public members in total, and our only chance to get input via a seated member of the Committee is to influence the Board of Supervisors (Sophie Maxwell specifically) to include at least one Rincon Hill area resident in one of the two remaining public member seats (at-large seats).

I would like to ask your favor in sending an e-mail to Supervisors Sophie Maxwell, Bevan Dufty, Chris Daly, Eric Mar, and David Chiu asking that a Rincon Hill area resident get nominated to the Area Plan Infrastructure Finance Committee. Taking my favor request up a notch, I’d like you to request that I be the person selected from Rincon Hill for the Committee.

Click here to create an e-mail populated with the basics and request for Jamie Whitaker to be selected for the Area Plan Infrastructure Finance Committee.

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