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San Francisco Election Results; Board of Supervisors Majority Up for Grabs in November

I’m pleased that Proposition A (pay our public school teachers better) and Proposition B (a more sensible 20 years compared to the nutty 5 years vesting to full retiree healthcare benefits from the City and County of San Francisco) passed last night. You can see the full results online on the Department of Elections web site.

Congratulations to the public school teachers of San Francisco! Now, if we can just figure out how to increase the hours you are able to spend teaching the kids who want to learn and to do better for themselves instead of spending time trying to control a handful of kids who are unable to sit still and keep their mouths shut, we’ll really make some progress.

Congratulations also to Supervisor Sean Elsbernd for a solid win on Proposition B, which I believe he authored. I strongly believe that Democrats (and Republicans) in the City and County of San Francisco understand that we have to get our spending under control so that we don’t end up in a similar circumstance as the City of Vallejo (filing Chapter 9 bankruptcy).

Looking to November, I cannot stress how important the Supervisor races will be – 4 termed out Supervisors and 3 up for re-election (or you might say 2 for re-election and 1 for her first official election). The early dollars that you contribute to campaigns and your volunteer time go much further than later in the year when advertising and the noise from other campaigns decreases the effectiveness of that money and time. Please pick a Supervisor candidate in another District that you want to support, and get involved in their campaign – make time.

There are a lot of Supervisor candidates out there who are divisive, who reflect a very un-American way of running for office by pointing at a particular group of people and saying “they’re ruining the City/State/Country! Vote for me, and I will keep THOSE people from taking over!” This hate speech has a very familiar ring to gays, immigrants, and others who fall outside of the “majority” in America. In San Francisco, that small-minded hatred is usually aimed at young white professionals like myself (though I’m partially native American and of Appalachian descent, if you care) who are just trying to make a living like most everybody else. I thought I left such evil behind when I left Michigan, but low and behold, so-called Democrats in San Francisco use hatred and divisiveness in order to get elected here too.

I think San Francisco can be better than that … but it won’t be unless we all get off of the couch and work just as hard to elect Supervisors who understand we are all San Franciscans once we sign the lease or the property deed to live here …. and we are much stronger working together than we will ever be working against each other in socioeconomic factions that unnecessarily pit us against one another. To quote a lyric from my favorite singer Freddie Mercury, “We’re all God’s people.”

I’ll get off my soapbox now … counter to the “trustafarian” stereotype label some groups throw around in order to appeal to the worst in humans to get them to volunteer for campaigns to “stop THOSE people!”, this Rincon Hill resident has to punch a time clock and get to work to pay my living expenses too.

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