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San Francisco Election Results for November 4, 2008

You can view the election results online at the Election Department web site.

Looks like Instant Runoff Voting will determine who the new Supervisor for a few districts will be since several did not score above 50%. That’ll make Districts 1, 3, 9, and 11 interesting to watch.

Prop 1A (high-speed rail) is leading, but its close … keeping my fingers crossed it wins.

Prop 8 (take away the right of same-sex adult couples to marry by changing the state constitution) appears to be winning, I’m saddened to say. Hate might win the day on this proposition.

In San Francisco, Measure A (SF General Hospital bond) easily won – that’s wonderful news!

Measure B (affordable housing set aside) is too close to call.

Measure H (Municipalizing Electrical Service) failed to convince voters that it was appropriate at this point in time.

Measure J (Peskin’s “leave the Pagoda theater a dump” historic preservation commission) handily won

Measure L (Community Justice Center) failed

Measure M (Tenant Harassment) won – might an unintended consequence be that we see the supply of rental units tightening further and prices going up?

Measure O (Changes to the Emergency Response Fee) thankfully won

Measure S (Set Asides Policy) appears to have won – great idea, the next smart step is to wipe out all of the current set asides and only spend money as needed, providing our current legislative and executive electeds the flexibility to spend our City’s revenues where they are most needed.

Measure T (Substance Abuse Set Aside) handily won – what will be cut in the budget to fund this set aside? Hmm….

Measure V (JROTC Policy Statement) appears to be a winner – Will the new San Francisco school board listen to what the kids’ and adults in this City want?

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