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San Francisco Food Bank Needs Your Help

According to the San Francisco Food Bank (SFFB), President Bush has proposed eliminating the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) for 2008.

CSFP is a federal program that provides a monthly food box to nearly 10,000 seniors, moms and kids in San Francisco with incomes below $1,100 a month. Each box is filled with high-protein items like canned tuna or chicken, grains, milk, canned fruits and vegetables, juice and cheese.

We need to contact Senators Boxer and Feinstein along with House Speaker Pelosi to help the San Francisco Food Bank! Please visit the SFFB’s web site to learn what to say and how you can help: http://www.sffoodbank.org/advocate.html

As an aside, it’d be fun for a group of us to volunteer some time at the SFFB in the future.

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