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San Francisco "Progressives" Ignoring Will of the People – Power Goes to their Heads

The PINOses (Progressive In Name Only) on the San Francisco USD School Board, namely San Francisco Supervisor candidates Eric Mar and Mark Sanchez, may have miscalculated the potential benefits (and costs) to their personal political careers when they initiated a move to eliminate the JROTC from our schools. Besides the despicable manner in which they held 24-hour notice meetings regarding the JROTC Program, the last of the two being called when a few of the Board members were known to be out of town, the Board members ignored what the students and parents wanted.

Since the people in power on the School Board are ignoring the parents and students who want to find a way to maintain the JROTC, those supporters of JROTC are taking it to the ballot in November. While the November ballot item won’t force the School Board to work to find a solution to reinstate Physical Education credit for the program, if voters support the nonbinding resolution, it will send a clear message to the School Board members who replace Eric Mar and Mark Sanchez that this is not a Program that the students and parents want to kill off. C.W. Nevius has an article about it today.

Politicians who do not listen to their constituents are bound for failure as long as the constituents are free to speak out and speak down to those in power. Too many citizens forget that the policitians work for US – we are their bosses, their managers. When an employee ignores your wishes time after time, the people should be able to fire that employee. This brings me to the Board of Supervisors’ termed out Supervisor Jake McGoldrick. It seems he is upset that some of his bosses (constituents) tried to put the time and money into a recall effort last year. As many of the PINOses tend to do, he’s proposing changes to laws to protect Supervisors from their bosses a little bit more – proposing in today’s Board of Supervisors meeting to increase the number of signatures needed from 10% of Registered Voters in the Supervisor District to 20% of Registered Voters in order to get a recall on the ballot. This would make voters spend more money, would require more time (which most working people do NOT have to spare) collecting signatures, and otherwise attacks our democracy and checks and balances. Shame on Jake McGoldrick, and shame on any politician who supports such a change.

Bravo to the regular folks – the students, the parents, the past JROTC members – who recognized that WE have the power (thank you Howard Dean campaign), and WE can take steps in our democracy to MANAGE our elected officials once they are elected (if need be).

Please get involved in actively managing those who work for you – the Supervisors and the Mayor. Otherwise, they’ll do the human thing and figure out how to use their positions of power to just benefit themselves and their friends. That’s how it goes …. Everybody knows …

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