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San Francisco Realtors Association Needs a Geography Lesson

You may have seen today’s front page of the San Francisco Chronicle with a story that shows a new neighborhood map produced by the San Francisco Realtors Association has annexed our neighborhood, which has existed since the time of the ’49ers, so that the eastern portion is supposedly an addition to South Beach and the western portion is supposedly an addition to Yerba Buena. Yours truly called the San Francisco Realtors Association this morning after seeing the paper and left a voicemail to give them a quick geography lesson that the area east of 2nd Street and north of Bryant Street continues to be the Rincon Hill neighborhood as it has been known since the 1800s despite their Realtors Association’s desired name for marketing purposes, thank you very much.

From the Rincon Hill branch of Wells Fargo on 2nd and Folsom Streets to the historic Rincon Postal Annex and many businesses with Rincon in their names (Rincon Chiropractic, Rincon Flowers, etc.) to Rincon Point Park on the waterfront to the remains of Rincon Hill itself after 100 feet of dirt was dug out in 1869 for the 2nd Street Cut and additional defiling of the hill occurred to make way for the Bay Bridge in the 1930s, there should be no doubt that the Rincon Hill neighborhood remains the name of our neighborhood, not South Beach or Yerba Buena. Granted there are two (soon to be three) separate Planning Department plan areas within our neighborhood, that has a lot more to do with the primary uses designated by City planners for the land (primarily residential from Folsom Street south and primarily offices/Transbay Terminal north of Folsom Street).

In the scheme of things, this is just marketing bologna from the Realtors, but I want to make sure we are out and proud about living in San Francisco’s First Fashionable Neighborhood, Rincon Hill.

The Port of San Francisco map might be useful for reference …
Port of San Francisco Waterfront Map

Or the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association map …
RHNA Boundaries Map

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