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San Francisco's Public Utilities Commission 311 Service Doesn't May Not Work

Like many young professionals living in Rincon Hill, I often work later hours in the Financial District and walk home after dark. After observing a couple of street lamps being out and non-working practically since I moved into the neighborhood last year, I decided to give the City’s 311 service a phone call from my cell phone and report the two street lamps. The 311 service is fabulous, and the folks working there are wonderful. They picked up the phone very quickly, checked to see if the street lights I was calling about were already in the queue to get fixed, and took the information from me courteously and with care.

The reason I’m saying the SF PUC Doesn’t Work in the title of this post is because I reported these street lamps as non-working almost a month ago. Tonight while walking home from the San Francisco Opera’s AT&T Park Simulcast event, I looked up at the street lamp on the northwest corner of Spear and Harrison Streets, and I was sad to see it still has not been fixed by SF PUC. When I got up to Main Street, I peered north on Main Street to see that the second street lamp south of Folsom on the west side of Main Street (by the Postal Service building’s entrance off of Main) also has not been fixed by SF PUC. That makes me angry.

I hope that Mayor Newsom received and plans to accept the resignations of PUC managers. Non-working street lamps nearly a month after my call is pitiful … to add that they’ve been non-working for most of 2007 is downright irritating.

Maybe each neighborhood should just be given the proper supplies, and we’ll take care of our street lamps thank you very much. SF PUC Doesn’t Work.

10-31-07 UPDATE:
It may not be SF PUC’s fault after all – it would seem my two calls to 311 to report the two lights (in separate calls, a day or so apart) as being out was never relayed or somehow got lost in translation from 311 operators to the SF PUC folks. SF PUC did fix the Spear and Harrison light quickly after I reported it out through their web form. The other light is the responsibility of PG&E, and it still isn’t illuminating as of 10/30/2007 after they claimed to have fixed it (they changed a bulb … I’m starting to think there’s just no electricity to that poll).

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