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SF Chronicle Gets It, SF Examiner Editorial Page Irresponsible

In the San Francisco Chronicle today, editor John Diaz provides a spot on analysis of why any endorsements of the McCain/Palin ticket are premature, nonsense, and just plain irresponsible. The article is titled, Sarah, we still hardly know you.

Meanwhile, The Examiner editorial page is one of those premature, senseless, and stupid organizations to have endorsed the McCain/Palin ticket. It is irresponsible because no one knows squat about this Sarah Palin lady. I understand the owner of The Examiner these days is one of those Christian Conservative ass hats who seems to hate America by supporting the Christian Conservative movement’s agenda to take away the freedoms of speech, religion, medical choices for women, and otherwise attack the separation of church and state. Go watch Bill Maher’s movie Religulous, and you’ll get a pretty good taste of this Christian’s point of view about religion getting involved in governing in America – keep religion out of our freedom-loving Country’s laws, period.

Don’t get me wrong on The Examiner newspaper – I love the local news coverage in The Examiner and I read it every day for the local news coverage. However, editorials like today’s Disclosing Obama’s sketchy campaign donations just reduces the credibility of the poor folks who work for The Examiner and the credibility of The Examiner itself. The paper, probably based on the jerk who owns the paper’s directions to San Francisco editors, will likely continue thoughtlessly and irresponsibly publishing editorials that are propaganda pieces for the Republican party and reflect a complete lack of journalistic integrity and scrutiny. Shame on The Examiner.

I expect the Republicans to start lying even more often and more outrageously as the election for President seems to be leaning towards Senator Obama. Sarah Palin clearly has no standards … I already knew she was a bit unprepared to run for VP of the United States. However, now that she’s passing lies about Barack Obama’s character that she’s been told to say, she’s just another miserable human being from my point of view. She should go back to flying in airplanes and shooting her guns at animals and leave America’s Constitution alone.

I cannot stand people who intentionally lie about others …. shame on Sarah Palin. Shame on the McCain campaign. Shame on the San Francisco Examiner editors and its owner for endorsing a ticket that has not been vetted and, as I’ve written before, will tell the Americans any lies their lobbyist campaign managers tell them to say in order to win an election even when they don’t believe them (just watch McCain’s body language – he can’t hide his disagreement). We don’t need gutless sock puppets like John McCain and Sarah Palin to run our country …. we need leaders who inspire, who try to bring Americans together, and who are willing to share their values and ideas with the American people without hesitation. We need hope. We need change. We need Barack Obama for President.

Thank you San Francisco Chronicle for showing good judgement on your editorial page – The Examiner (or at least that ass hat owner of The Examiner who’s desperately shoving the Republican propaganda onto the editorial page) could learn a thing or two about how a news organization has a responsibility to properly scrutinize a candidate like Sarah Palin before endorsing him or her.

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