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SF PUC 311 Still Doesn't May Not Work

I thought an email to Mayor Gavin Newsom, the Mayor’s District 6 Liaison Jason Chan, and Supervisor Chris Daly might have prompted some action on my now 5-week old request to have streetlamps on Harrison (at Spear) and Main (2nd streetlamp south of Folsom) fixed to provide lighting for folks walking in those areas at night. I was in Monterey for work for a few days, and I returned to discover that three days into the work week, these lights still do not light up.

Pitiful. Does anyone know who else I can be a squeaky wheel towards to get these things fixed before 2008 rolls around?

10/31/2007 UPDATE: Apparently, SF PUC never received my initial reports that I gave to 311 operators about these two street lamps. I don’t know who is to blame, but I’m happy to say that SF PUC promptly fixed the one street light that is their responsibility after I submitted the issue on their web site. I’m afraid the other street light is the responsibility of PG&E, and it still hasn’t been fixed (as of last night, 10/30/2007 at least).

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