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SPUR June 3, 2008 Voting Guide

I cannot find the June 2008 voting guide on the www.SPUR.org web site right now, but I’m sure it will be posted in the near future.The SPUR voting guide is now available online.

I tend to agree with SPUR’s voting recommendations because they usually take a progressive outlook anchored down with realities of demographic changes and other practical constraints that need to be considered along with the ideals proposed by a ballot measure.

Here’s a quick summary of SPUR’s June 3, 2008 voting guide recommendations (as printed in the May 2008 issue of SPUR’s Urbanist magazine).

State Measures
Prop 98, Eminent Domain and Rent Control: No
Prop 99, Eminent Domain Restriction: No

City Measures
Prop A, School District Parcel Tax: Yes
Prop B, Retiree Health Care Reform: Yes
Prop C, Moral Turpitude: Yes
Prop D, Diversity on City Commissions: No
Prop E, SFPUC Commisioner Appointments: No
Prop F, Affordable Housing in Bayview Hunters Point: No
Prop G, Bayview Hunters Point Development Plan: Yes
Prop H, Campaign Contribution Limits: No

If you are a member of SPUR (which I highly recommend), look at the May 2008 issue of Urbanist for the organization’s analysis and explanations of these measures. I assume it’ll be online in the near future at www.SPUR.org as well.You can also read it online.

The City’s Proposition B is the most important on the June 3rd ballot in my humble opinion. The current City and County retiree healthcare benefit vesting period and structure is completely unsustainable. I cringe when I read about the City of Vallejo because I fear they won’t be the last municipality to be pinned down under the weight of committments by prior Boards and Commissions who did not set aside any money to pay for those commitments. Please be sure to vote on June 3rd (or beforehand if you’re signed up to vote by mail, the most convenient method available).

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