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Supervisors Peskin and Alioto-Pier: Can You Figure Out How to Drive to Pier 39 on a Road Other than The Embarcadero from South of Washington Street?

San Francisco map

I sent an e-mail to the Supervisors yesterday encouraging them to support Mayor Newsom’s Sunday Streets. I heard back from Supervisor Dufty that he supports Sunday Streets – thank you Bevan!

I’m under the notion (though not confirmed) that Supervisors Maxwell, McGoldrick, and maybe Mirkarimi (though he seems to be waffling on the issue) would support Sunday Streets if the Oversight Committee, which consists of one of the co-sponsors (President of the Board of Supervisors, Aaron Peskin) of legislation created to delay or kill Sunday Streets sitting in 1 of the 3 seats, passes the proposed legislation on Monday and it goes to a vote in the full Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. Maxwell and Ammiano fill the other two seats of the Oversight Committee. Supervisor Sandoval would probably support Sunday Streets – as I suspect would Supervisor Ammiano – both of these guys need to be careful to not piss off the progressive voters in this town who are clearly in favor of having 4 hours of car-free time on the 4.6 mile route stretching from Chinatown to the Bayview. Ammiano’s election to the Assembly in November is practically a given but he’s likely already thinking of re-election as most career politicians do, and Sandoval’s aspirations to be a Superior Court Judge aren’t so locked in at all – I sure won’t vote for him. I cringe at the possibility that some of the Supervisors are buckling up to drive over the Mayor’s plan just because they hate the Mayor. The totally unknowns to me are Supervisors Daly and Chu. I’m assuming Supervisors Peskin, Alioto-Pier, and Elsbernd would kill Sunday Streets if given the chance on Tuesday.

Today’s commentary on Sunday Streets by C.W. Nevius indicates that Rincon Hill’s Supervisor, Chris Daly, was approached to discuss Sunday Streets by Wade Crowfoot, the Mayor’s point person for this pilot project. The quote in Nevius’s article from Crowfoot is that Daly “just walks away when you try to talk to him.” While I’m used to hearing about Daly’s petulance towards anyone with any relationship with Mayor Newsom or the press (kinda like George W. Bush reportedly behaves towards people not in his fraternity of idiots), I also believe Daly tends to support reducing car usage in the City, to support open recreational spaces, to support public health benefits, and to support community-building activities. My hope is that Daly will put the benefits to all San Franciscans ahead of the supposed inability of visitors to the City to walk, bike, take public transit, or figure out how to drive to Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf on one of the many other roadway options available (illustrated in the Google map above) during a couple of 4-hour periods on Sunday mornings later this summer.

Please support Sunday Streets. Although most working folks have to be, well, at work on Monday at 10 a.m. when the Oversight Committee meets in City Hall, please try to attend and give Peskin and Alioto-Pier an earful about how they should be trying to do the most good for the greatest number of San Franciscans instead of pacifying a vocal minority of business owners on Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf who think tourists are too stupid and lazy to reach their shops if just one roadway’s northbound lanes are closed for 4 hours in the morning on a Sunday. Give me a break.

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