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Support to Enhance Penalties against Anyone who Assaults a Patrol Special Police Officer

From our friend and community public safety advocate Ken Craig:

Hi All :

I am writing to ask you to seriously consider attending the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting at 2pm on Tuesday March 9, held on the 4th floor of San Francisco City Hall, to speak in support of Supervisor Bevan Dufty’s resolution to enhance penalties for anyone who assaults a Patrol Special Police officer.

Supervisor Dufty would greatly appreciate the public support of as many individuals as possible at the meeting. I’m sending out this information to anyone who may be able to attend and speak in person.

Three Patrol Special Police officers have been assaulted in the line of duty since December of 2009 when Officer Jane Warner had her arm broken while trying to arrest an aggressive male outside of the Trigger bar. Another Patrol Special Police officer was very recently knocked out in the Tenderloin area when engaging with a suspect.

At present, Patrol Special Police officers do not enjoy the same protection that SFPD officers do. Indeed they do not enjoy the same protection that parking enforcement officials, MUNI operators, and DPW workers do. They put their lives quite literally on the line every day on behalf of the citizens of San Francisco, and they minimally deserve the same protections as our SFPD and parking enforcement officers.

I therefore encourage you to attend the Board of Supervisors meeting and speak in support of Supervisor Dufty’s resolution and in support of the Patrol Special Police and the incredible job they do. If you are unable to attend in person as I am, please consider sending an e-mail to your supervisor, or to the entire board of supervisors. I am including their e-mail addresses to make this easier.

Mayor Gavin Newsom : gavin.newsom@sfgov.org

San Francisco Police Commission: sfpd.commission@sfgov.org

SFPD Chief of Police : sfpd.online@sfgov.org

SF Patrol Special Police Officers Assocaition : sfpatrol@earthlink.net

Board of Supervisors : Eric.L.Mar@sfgov.org, Michela.Alioto-Pier@sfgov.org, David.Chiu@sfgov.org, Carmen.Chu@sfgov.org, Ross.Mirkarimi@sfgov.org, Chris.Daly@sfgov.org, Sean.Elsbernd@sfgov.org, Bevan.Dufty@sfgov.org, David.Campos@sfgov.org, Sophie.Maxwell@sfgov.org, John.Avalos@sfgov.org


Ken Craig

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