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Supporting San Francisco Parks

We are probably going to have to work together as neighbors to become more and more self-sufficient and to help with upkeep of things that we’ve not worried about in the past as San Francisco suffers through this economic downturn along with every other municipality. A neighbor asked me to pass along the following to those who would like San Francisco to give our parks a priority.

Please see below for a template letter and the email addresses of our City Officials. PLEASE HELP US KEEP SAN FRANCISCO’S PARKS SAFE AND CLEAN!


Please use this template for your letters to our city officials…


Dear Mayor Newsom, Members of the Board Supervisors, Recreation and Park Commission, and Mrs. Nani Coloretti,

My name is ______________________ and I have been a resident of San Francisco for ________ years. I am writing to you regarding the proposed cuts to San Francisco Recreation and Park staff, which will undoubtedly affect the quality of programming, as well as the overall quality of life in my community.
( Please insert a description in two paragraphs or less of your experience with RPD staff and programs )

As a citizen and taxpayer of San Francisco, I would like to express my most sincere and urgent support for the following items:

• The Proposition J, Children’s Fund dollars be allocated to youth and children’s programming facilitated by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department as the voters originally intended.
• Recreation and Park Department facilities should have department employees facilitating programming in order to maintain a level of accountability, and should not be turned over to non-profits funded by tax payer dollars.
• The funding of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department become a priority in the city of San Francisco. Recreation programming facilitated by SFRPD staff provides a quality non-discriminatory affordable alternative to private and non-profit sector programs. This in turn has raised the quality of life in our communities for all San Franciscans.


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