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Survey for San Francisco's Better Streets Plan

Drawing from www.SFBetterStreets.org.

Please go directly to the Better Streets San Francisco survey. I believe the deadline is this Friday (July 20th).

For the best street to walk in Rincon Hill, The Embarcadero between Bryant and Market is an easy choice. For the worst street to walk, I’d say any north to south street (or is it Northwest to Southeast) between Spear and 2nd Streets is a bit uncomfortable because drivers do not anticipate actually stopping for red lights, endangering pedestrians who try to cross the streets when the signal indicates it is safe to do so.

Another one of my complaints about our streets in Rincon Hill are that they only get cleaned just before a big event (like Bay to Breakers, when they were cleaned a few days before – and now I see trash like plastic ties used to hold up wooden poles with flags around the parking lot at Main and Howard streets still lying on the sidewalk, never properly disposed by the Bay to Breakers folks).

My third criticisim is that there are some sections (especially just before Folsom on Main, west side of the street) where the trees block the street lights at night.

Please do provide your input – things will change, and only if you participate before that change can you hope to see the changes you desire.

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