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Taking Back San Francisco – Alioto or Jefferson in District 3

First a disclaimer – this is my, Rincon Hill resident Jamie Whitaker’s, personal blog and does not represent the position or opinion of any organization(s) or other person(s). I consider myself a Howard Dean Democrat. In fact, I was endorsed in the third round of “Dean Dozen” candidates in June 2004 by Governor Dean and his newly formed (at the time) PAC called Democracy for America when I decided to take his people-powered message to the next level in 2004 and run for elected office in my home state of Michigan. If you had suggested I’d some day be running for public office when curiosity first led me to a Dean for America Meetup in East Lansing, Michigan in March 2003, I would have been rolling on the floor laughing. In the past, my comment would be “somebody else will take care of that.” Well folks, that somebody else has gone fishing and it is up to us to take back our Country from special interests – and, at a more local level, to take back our City and County of San Francisco from special interest groups that ignore the basic services that establish a baseline quality of life in any community.

While District 6 voters won’t have a chance to elect a new Supervisor until 2010, we should be focusing our attention and efforts on helping candidates that are aligned with our hopes for a better, safer San Francisco who are running in other Districts. In District 3, there are two candidates that I’d recommend you check out and consider helping either through volunteering and/or fundraising. The two candidates are Joseph Alioto Jr. and Lynn Jefferson.

You have an opportunity to hear these and other District 3 Supervisor candidates on Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the District 3 Supervisor Candidate Forum hosted by the Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association and KGO-ABC TV at 700 Front Street (KGO Studios). The forum is open to the public.

One of our District 3 neighbors, Michael, brought this race to my attention with an e-mail and a link to a passionate blog entry he made on Daily Kos. Thank you for the e-mail, Michael – and thanks for caring about San Francisco’s future!

How about you – any other District Supervisor elections that you’re impassioned about? Shoot me an e-mail with links to share. We have the power – but we’ve got to show up and use that power by campaigning, fundraising, and otherwise supporting candidates who will go to bat for the greater good of the City and County of San Francisco.

Please be sure to register to vote by mail on a permanent basis so that you can vote in every election from the convenience of your home!

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