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Teen Girl Struck and Spat Upon by Prop 8 Supporting Grown Men in San Mateo County – VOTE NO on 8!

Anybody who tells you that the “yes on 8” campaign is not about hate is completely full of bologna. Please vote NO on 8 today – every vote counts towards fighting discrimination. Let’s not turn back the clocks.

From The Examiner today

Dueling political rallies led to a brawl Monday afternoon in which two men assaulted a teenage girl in San Mateo, according to police.
The 17-year old victim was part of a group of five to seven people who were displaying signs at the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Humboldt Street urging voters to reject Proposition 8, according to San Mateo Police Capt. Kevin Raffaelli.

The group became involved in a verbal argument around 4 p.m. with a group of 10 to 15 people who were displaying signs nearby urging ‘yes’ votes on the proposition, which would outlaw same-sex marriage in California if passed Tuesday.

During the altercation, a 250-pound man from the group that supports Prop. 8 allegedly grabbed the teenager, struck her in the head and threw her to the ground before another man, identified as San Mateo resident Ivan Schaumkel, 35, allegedly spat in her face, according to Raffaelli.

Schaumkel was arrested for assault while the man who allegedly struck the victim escaped, Raffaeli said. Police described the man as a 6-foot-2 Polynesian male in his 20s wearing a white t-shirt.

A juvenile male was also arrested for assault after he punched a neighbor in the face as the resident tried to separate the feuding parties.

Is this really what the Mormon and Catholic churches want to inflict on our communities by providing most of the funding directly or indirectly to Yes on 8 – hatred and violence? I’m utterly disgusted. Those churches leaders should be ashamed.

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