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Tell the Port of SF We Want Brannan Street Wharf Improved Sooner Rather than Later

Katy Liddell, President of the South Beach/Rincon/Mission Bay Neighborhood Association, sent out a notice asking residents to attend the Port Commission meeting on Tuesday (12/9/08) around 3 p.m. in the Port Commission Hearing Room on the 2nd floor of the Ferry Building. They will award the engineering contract for the Brannan Street Wharf project that the good voters of San Francisco helped to complete funding by passing the Parks Bond, Measure A, 10 months ago on the February 2008 ballot. The reason it’d be a good idea to attend is as follows …

The Port staff are asking the Port Commission to award a contract for a three-year term with a two-year option to renew. After all the time we have already waited (for the Brannan Street Wharf to be fixed up), a two-year term with a one-year option to renew would make much more sense. Let’s put some pressure on the Port to get this project moving.

Please join us at this meeting and speak up. Here’s where our Neighborhood Association(s) can have a voice; the more of us who attend and insist on this shorter timeframe, the more likely it is it can be changed. We estimate the agenda item will come up around 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. The meeting is in the Port Commission Hearing Room, 2nd floor, Ferry Bldg.

I would just add an editorial that I often bring up the song “Promises, Promises” by the band Naked Eyes when I mention the Port of San Francisco because I can’t help but think of that song every time they ask for more money from the residents of San Francisco.

So, if you’re tired of looking at this ….
Brannan Street wharf pier 36
… get over to the Port Commission hearing on Tuesday afternoon.

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