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Terrorism in California – proposition 8 supporters campaign to write hate into our Constitution

If you believe in leaving our Constitution alone and that the government should not eliminate marriage for anyone, please vote No on Prop 8 and visit www.noonprop8.com right now to donate as much money and volunteer time as you can. Supporters of Prop 8 are out-fundraising those of us who support freedom and equality for all by a margin of 3 to 2 right now because it is a couple of religions’ main focus and dogma for their members to give money ’til it hurts and to give time to their campaign for discrimination. Separation of church and state anyone?

After my day job, I spent 2 hours on Friday evening dialing 78 voters out of about 90,000 that need to be contacted in the next few weeks and asked where they stand on Proposition 8. Of the 78, I only got 13 folks who answered their phones and talked with me. 10 were voting no, 2 were voting no and willing to donate time or money to help defeat Proposition 8, and 1 lady was definitely voting yes (unfortunately) – but these were all San Francisco voters that needed to be identified, a freedom-loving City and County if there ever was one in America. The campaign www.noonprop8.com desperately needs more money and more help to defeat Proposition 8. They have phone banking locations all over the City, and are looking for volunteers every day of the week – please help!

At a minimum, vote No on Proposition 8 on this November’s California ballot, and tell all of your friends and family to do the same. You can believe and practice pretty much whatever your religion teaches you about who can get married, but you should not force your religion’s beliefs on other adults who practice their own, different religions in America.

While many folks may think of violent and deadly actions, such as bombing or burning down abortion clinics or killing healthcare providers associated with abortion clinics, when thinking about acts of terrorism committed by Americans against Americans based on differing religious beliefs, we should have no doubt that discriminatory and unfair laws, like those proposed by Proposition 8 on this November’s election ballot in California, also aim to terrorize the Americans at whom the hateful consequences, if passed, are aimed.

Proposition 8 is an example of extremist groups using the ballot measure process in California to force their religions’ or cults’ beliefs onto others by writing discrimination into our state Constitution. If passed, Proposition 8 would take away the right of same-sex couples to be equally treated by our state government as a couple in love and committed to one another. Fair-minded Californians should vote No on Proposition 8, but some voters may not recognize the importance of making their way past the Presidential and other candidates on the ballot to cast their No vote on Proposition 8.

The misguided leaders of the Mormon and Catholic churches are abusing the fact that many of us are too distracted by the economy, by mother nature’s hurricanes and floods, and by our wars to realize a handful of religious organizations’ leaders are focused on taking away our rights in this election. We have acts of terrorism right under our noses by these religions’ leaders, but we may just be too distracted to fight it this year if we don’t wake up to what’s at stake.

While most everybody else is predominantly concerned about the economy, whether they’ll lose their jobs, and how they’ll pay their mortgages or rents, the Mormon church is demanding each member family feed their organization’s hatred for their LGBT neighbors by donating at least $1,000 ($150,000 from wealthier members) and any free time they may have into persuading California voters to pass Proposition 8 on November 4th. What happened to live and let live? The Mormon leaders actually have a web site, proudly tooting their own horn about their financial support to terrorize LGBT Californians. You can see their spreadsheet of $1,000 donors used for peer pressure upon other members to cough up their family’s $1,000 for the cause. About 35% of donations for the support of Prop 8 are coming from Mormons, many who live in Utah – should Utah citizens be able to take away the state rights of Californians with their money? Hell no!

Some Latter Day Saints members are going door to door to promote hatred these days instead of talking about their version of the good book for their organization as usual. Imagine how the millions of dollars and thousands of hours of time donated by Mormons could be going towards good acts to help other Americans in need, but instead the Mormon church is pushing their members to provide for purely evil and selfish purposes. I thought churches were supposed to be loving of all God’s children, but the Mormon church leaders clearly have a hate agenda this year.

At a time when food banks and emergency services, such as the American Red Cross, are overwhelmed by the demands of Americans suffering due to economic circumstances or natural disasters (floods in the midwest, hurricanes along the Gulf Coast) and need monetary donations more than ever, the Catholic fraternal organization Knights of Columbus donated $1,000,000 to support passing Proposition 8. Do you think they’re ashamed to turn their back on people in need in order to promote hatred in California? Not at all, as far as I can tell. The Catholic leaders have their own web site as well, encouraging donations of money and time from members of the Catholic faith. Thankfully, most Catholics in California do not buy into the more extremist agendas of the Vatican and the Catholic church leaders. Still, many other members from around the United States will follow the church’s orders and donate thousands of dollars and come to California to invest hundreds of hours of their time to help Proposition 8 pass in California and take away freedoms from Californians this November.

I know that a lot of Mormons and Catholics do not agree with their churches’ leaders, and I appreciate their fair-minded reasoning and bravery to stand up against a campaign of hate propagated by their religions’ leaders. There is a grassroots Mormon web site for those members who support marriage equality for all Californians. Almost all Americans highly value the freedom to practice (or choose not to practice) any religion they prefer, and Proposition 8 attacks that freedom.

As some would say, what would Jesus do? As a Christian, I don’t believe for a second that he’d be putting his efforts into alienating, bullying, and otherwise persecuting his children who happen to love someone of the same gender … God is love, yes? Jesus would likely be in the Gulf Coast, concentrating on helping the victims who lost their homes in Galveston and nearby communities to pull their lives back together. Jesus would probably be helping to figure out how to get food on the tables of those Americans who are suffering from our weak economy.

What is the purpose of the Mormon and the Catholic churches these days? Who runs these organizations? Why do these churches insist on separating Americans at a time when we need to be united with one another more than ever? How many Americans are going to stand by and allow their freedom of religion to be taken away by the extremists running the Catholic and Mormon churches? Why do these hateful institutions get the benefit of operating without paying taxes when they are so involved in changing our laws and policies? When will these organizations get leaders that do not promote hate but instead promote love for our neighbors? How about leaving those hateful organizations and joining the Episcopal or Unitarian church instead – good idea!

As you can imagine, the campaign to fight against these organized religions’ extremist agendas is facing an uphill battle for fundraising and for manpower to help educate fair-minded Californians about the hateful nature of Proposition 8. The campaign for the Presidency is easily the most important election this year, but in the state of California, Proposition 8 is a close second. Please donate all that you can in time and money to defend your freedom of religion, to keep the extremists’ beliefs out of our state’s Constitution, and to make sure that fairness for all Californians rules the day on November 4th.

You may have read that a slim majority of voters polled indicate they will vote No on Proposition 8, but do not believe for a second that Proposition 8 will lose without your contributions of money and time to help defeat it. The religious leaders reach out to their members every week, and put pressure on them to donate money and time to write hate into California’s Constitution. You cannot be a spectator in this election if you support equal rights for all Americans. Snap out of it and get to your local No on Prop 8 campaign office to pitch in! Do not wake up November 5th saying “I coulda, I shoulda, I woulda helped to defeat Prop 8, but I had dinner reservations.” Do not allow hate to prevail in California this upcoming election day.

Please Vote NO on Proposition 8, and tell all of your family and friends to do the same! Do everything you can to defeat prop 8 – no regrets on November 5th, the day after this fall’s omni-important election.

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