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Thank you for helping to fight Proposition 8

Courtesy of SFist.com, the Sacramento Bee posted a search tool that allows you to search the public records of political donations by individuals and organizations both for or against Proposition 8 (remember, those against Proposition 8 were voting against changing the Constitution in California by adding language that limits the freedom to get a civil marriage to extend only to adult couples made up of a man and a woman).

I’m happy to say that my cursory query of the data indicates that only 2 individuals and 0 organizations in the Rincon Hill neighborhood (which I’m using a broader brush of the 94105 zip code) contributed money to support Proposition 8 (via about 8 contributions). The other 236 contributions from individuals within Rincon Hill’s 94105 zip code were against (opposing) Proposition 8 writing hatred into the California Constitution. I thank them each and every one for stepping up and donating money (and possibly time) to keep religious beliefs out of the California Constitution and for supporting freedom for all.

Also, a hat tip to the organizations in the Rincon Hill neighborhood’s 94105 zip code (especially PG&E, Salesforce.com, and the customers and employees of Working Advantage (or CREDO)) who donated to the groups opposing Proposition 8 – thank you!

Organizational Donors in 94105 zip code

Company Total
PG&E $250,000
Salesforce.com $25,000
Working Assets/CREDO $23,024
Singer Associates $5,000
Kay & Merkle LLP $2,500
Gonzalez & Leigh, LLP $1,000
Saylor Consulting Group $500

The fight continues …. March 5th

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