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Vote on Tuesday – Find your polling place

November 2nd is election day, and Rincon HIll neighbors in District 6 along with residents in 4 other Supervisorial Districts (Districts 2, 4, 8, and 10) in San Francisco get to choose who makes legislative decisions for them in City Hall. There are five ballots for District 6 voters to fill in at the polls.  In order to help you learn the pros and cons of each ballot proposition, I personally recommend the following sources:

For the “Yes” or “No” suggestions for State Propositions, you might refer to CaliforniaChoices.org to see where various organizations and publications stand on these measures. You can also read summaries of the propositions at CaliforniaChoices.org.

For San Francisco propositions, I highly recommend the voter guide created by our local good government non-profit SPUR.

For individual candidates, I assume you will vote along your preferred party lines. For the non-partisan District 6 Supervisor race, I personally believe there are two clear choices based upon the demonstrated commitment they’ve shown to District 6 (did not just move into the District last year to fulfill their personal political aspirations or at the direction of a third party from outside of District 6), the historical and institutional knowledge of planning and public policies and their effects on our quality of life, and attendance to our neighborhood meetings to LISTEN to our concerns before election season began. Those candidates that I believe hit the mark are Jim Meko and Debra Walker.
It is VERY important that we vote along the SoMa waterfront if we do not want to be ignored by San Francisco’s elected officials. If we have a very weak turnout, we risk being easily ignored. Look up your polling place online at the San Francisco Department of Elections website.


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