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Vote Yes on V – Save JROTC

“Family is what JROTC means to me” reads a sign held by one of the young people featured in the video accompanying this post. The JROTC provides a community service by offering our young people a home where they can get the structure, sense of responsiblity, and community leadership training – a sense of belonging – that they may not get at home, sometimes provides the only reason for kids to stay in school, and, at worst, the lack of JROTC may lead some students to joining a gang because all kids seek the sense of a structure in their lives and a sense of belonging to a “family.” This program creates better citizens, and we shouldn’t let school board members Mark Sanchez and Eric Mar impose their ideologies that have made JROTC a misguided proxy for their objection to the Iraq war on these kids’ options in our schools.

Please vote Yes on V – send a message to the school board that we want to keep JROTC as an option for physical education credit for San Francisco public school students.

To help bring back JROTC in 2009-2010, please also vote for Rachel Norton, Jill Wynns, Emily Murase, and Jaynry Mak for San Francisco’s School Board.

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