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Word AIDS Day – Support the San Francisco AIDS Foundation

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A crisis that began more than a quarter of a century ago remains our biggest health care challenge. We’ve made great strides in HIV prevention, treatment and public policies that respect human rights. But HIV and AIDS are still with us. In San Francisco alone, between 900 and 1,000 people will become infected with HIV next year. This year on World AIDS Day, become part of the SAN FRANCISCO AIDS FOUNDATION and stand with us as we face AIDS.

TALK to your teenagers about HIV. Find out how at talkingwithkids.org.

LEARN about efforts to improve treatment and prevention in the developing world by the Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation at pgaf.org.

DEMAND a National AIDS Strategy at nationalaidsstrategy.org.

DISCOVER innovative HIV prevention programs at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation at sfaf.org/ahi.

GET an HIV test and ENCOURAGE your sexually active friends and family to do the same. You can find a testing site anywhere in the U.S. by calling the California HIV/AIDS and STD Hotline at 415-863-AIDS or at aidshotline.org.

READ Left Behind – Black America: A Neglected Priority in the Global AIDS Epidemic, the August 2008 report by the Black AIDS Institute at blackaids.org.

EXPAND access to HIV testing in the Castro by making a contribution to Magnet at magnetsf.org.

GET TO KNOW the National Latino/Hispanic AIDS Action Agenda at latinoaidsagenda.org.

BUILD your body and your mind while helping FUND innovative HIV prevention in California through an endurance challenge through Greater than One at begreaterthanone.org or AIDS/LifeCycle at aidslifecycle.org.

FIND OUT the facts about women and HIV in Alameda County and all over the world at womenhiv.org.

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