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Mini-Cruise Ships Will Dock at Rincon Park and Block Views Unless We Speak Up Now

If you did not see today’s San Francisco Chronicle, you must read John King’s story Cup’s yacht plan threatens our wide-open bay views.

You need to picture yachts that are larger than the ferry boats that come in and out of the Ferry Building docks, parked across what is now an open view for all socioeconomic classes of people to enjoy between Piers 14 and 22 1/2. Here’s a diagram that really doesn’t capture how this will destroy the visual enjoyment and experience of the Embarcadero Pedestrian Promenade:

As Mr. King says, this is one ask by the billionaire Ellison that we need to collectively choke to death while this is still in the Draft EIR stage. The Embarcadero and Folsom Street should not have water views blocked by mega-yachts. Your opportunity to say that the Draft EIR does not properly evaluate alternatives, such as berthing the mega-yachts at Treasure Island instead of Rincon Point Open Water Basin (the name of the water area in front of Rincon Park/Cupid’s Span bow and arrow art piece), ends this Thursday. You need to can get a letter in the mail today (8/24/2011) or hand deliver the letter by 5 p.m. on Thursday, August 25th to the Planning Department’s office if you want to help push back against allowing this spectacular segment of our public realm to be destroyed.

UPDATE: One of my open space/parks advocates friends from the west side mentioned that the Planning Department has accepted comments by e-mail in the past. So, I phoned Joy Navarrete at the Planning Department, and she said that comments will be accepted via e-mail too. Send your comments to Bill.Wycko@sfgov.org and/or Joy.Navarrete@sfgov.org with the subject line something like “Comments on America’s Cup 34 Draft EIR, Case No. 2010.0493E.”

I’ve tried to copy/paste as much of the relevant sections I could stand to find in the 34th America’s Cup Draft EIR and placed it into this PDF file to try to help you get the drift of what the Draft EIR says is “Insignificant” when folks who live along the waterfront may see the proposed changes, especially turning the area in front of Rincon Park into a long-term marina and destroying the enjoyment and pleasure of walking through, as very significant environmental impacts.

You have the power to save our waterfront.

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