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7×7 Solicits Love Letters to Your Neighborhood

Show South of Market – and Rincon Hill in particular – some public affection by way of 7×7 magazine’s latest call for submissions from readers

If there’s anything San Franciscans feel fiercely about, it’s their neighborhood. That’s why our upcoming Neighborhoods Issue—a groundbreaking portrait of the city’s top 10 neighborhoods—will be our most exciting yet. Rather than write and photograph the neighborhoods from our point of view, this time, we’re going straight to the people that know the city inside and out: YOU.

For this collectors’ issue, we’re asking you to submit your most telling photos or a 300-word “love letter” to your neighborhood—one that captures its heart and soul, glamour and grit. (Hey, love is complicated!)

Give it your all because we’ll be publishing the most compelling photos and the 10 best essays in the magazine itself. Our submission deadline is Friday, June 5.

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