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Another Opportunity to be in the Harvey Milk Film

When I left my building to go to work this morning, there was a camera crew set up on the corner. I’m happy that folks agree San Francisco is so darn picturesque. 🙂

On the same tangent, they’re looking for extras for the Harvey Milk film one more time …

Because Monday and Friday nights turned out to be such wonderful experiences for us (and, hopefully, for you), WE ARE INVITING PEOPLE BACK TO BE IN THE MOVIE ONE LAST TIME and help us re-create Gay Freedom Day 1978 on Sunday Morning, March 9th, with exact time and place to be announced (but plan on being available from 8am- on), and, of course, in your best 70’s clothes.

Please go back to http://www.milkmarch.com and sign-up if you would like to attend.

Also, if you would like to encourage more filming to happen in San Francisco so that our fine City has a chance to attract more tourists and we have a chance to feel even more civic pride, here’s your chance:

The San Francisco Supervisors’ Rules Committee will meet at 10 AM on February 28 to discuss adopting an amendment to Supervisor Alioto-Pier’s film production rebate legislation. The amendment would remove the cap of taxes paid to the City for individual rebates Ordinance file No. 071659), amending the “Scene in San Francisco” Rebate Program, Administrative Code Sec. 57.8(c)2. This makes the program significantly better, actually giving rebates on City costs (as originally intended), not just taxes.

The Rules Committee will hold a special meeting of the Board in the Chamber of the Board, Room 250 in City Hall at 10AM on February 28th.

Support for this amendment is critical to the survival of production in the City. The “Scene in San Francisco” film production rebate program needs your help to make it a more effective program. If you want the only incentive program in the state of California to be something producers believe can make a difference in their bottom line, you must attend this hearing and any hearings that follow, until it is passed by the full Board of Supervisors. In addition to attending the meeting, send a letter to the Supervisors on the Rules Committee asking them to pass the Ordinance with recommendation to the full Board.

Here is a link to the Board website, Rules Committee to view the Agenda: http://www.sfgov.org/site/bdsupvrs_index.asp?id=35875

Rules Committee
Supervisor Tom Ammiano, 415-554-6255, FAX, Tom.Ammiano@sfgov.org

Supervisor Sean Elsbernd, 415-554-6546, FAX, Sean.Elsbernd@sfgov.org

Supervisor Aaron Peskin, 415-554-7454, FAX, Aaron.Peskin@sfgov.org

A sample letter of support is available from our office, to be faxed or emailed to the Supervisors of the Rules Committee. The sample letter is meant as a guideline only, should you wish to create your own letter.

Stefanie Coyote
Executive Director, San Francisco Film Commission
City Hall, Room 473
San Francisco, CA 94012
Phone: 415-554-6241 Fax: 415-554-6503

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