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New Art Coming to The Embarcadero

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker.

The sculptures that my boyfriend and I affectionately call Whoopee and Weepy, who stand on the waterfront’s Embarcadero pedestrian way near the Mission Street intersection, are enjoying their final 6 or so weeks of living in Rincon Hill.

Whoopee and Weepy will leave us at the beginning of October, and they will be replaced with a wonderful (though not so warm feeling) spider sculpture. See the spider invading Philadelphia’s art museum here. Does it strike you as a scene from a 1950’s horror film a la Ed Wood? I’m not in love with the idea of a spider, but the fact that it evokes emotion is a good sign that it will continue to make the spot where Whoopee and Weepy now stand a popular draw for us all, tourists and residents alike.

The minutiae that led to the Port of San Franciso’s decision to bring in the spider can be read here.

Halloween festivities in San Francisco may be officially cancelled, but this sculpture will be hanging around until the middle to the end of 2008 in Rincon Hill.

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