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350 Mission Street on Planning Commission Agenda

Photo: Jamie Whitaker

If you’re interested, the Planning Commission Agenda has a couple of items of interest to Rincon Hill residents at Thursday’s meeting. First off, final approval of the environmental impact report and other approvals to demolish an existing 4-story office/retail building at 350 Mission Street (opposite corner from Transbay Transit Center’s planned grand entry point along Mission Street) and replace it with a 350 foot, 24-story office/retail building.

The other item on the agenda of interest is item 11, Parking in South of Market and Mission Bay that will hopefully affect the number of parking spots that can be built at 201 Folsom Street once the renewal of Tishman Speyer’s entitlement to build towers comes up (September-ish maybe?) … if nothing else, it will give me an opportunity to bark about the change in circumstances that should remove an allowance for a few hundred additional parking spaces originally intended for postal service vehicles that were parked at 200 Harrison Street’s Embarcadero Postal Center. As you may know, the postal folks moved to 550 Townsend Street last summer.

Photo: Jamie Whitaker

It certainly makes sense to go higher, considering the transit availability in this portion of the Rincon Hill neighborhood.

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