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430 Main / 429 Beale Redesign Approved with Conditions for Affordability

Portland-Pacific Main LLC’s redesigned project for 430 Main / 429 Beale was approved with conditions by the Planning Commission in a 6-1 vote late this evening. If things go as advertised, construction could begin in the first quarter of 2010.

While I am not personally satisfied with an 84 foot wall the runs the length of the block from Main to Beale Streets with no variation in height, I am hopeful that the additional residents who move to Rincon Hill will help us get closer to the critical mass of population needed to attract more neighborhood serving businesses that stay open on the weekends and that can be afforded by folks who are middle class by San Francisco socioeconomic standards.

Also during the Planning Commission meeting, I spoke for the Association and encouraged a nexus study of the SOMA Stabilization Fee.

I also commented on an open space item that perhaps the Planning Commission should require developers to set up community gardens in exchange for extensions on their building approvals. That seemed to be met with some interest. I also mentioned that the Privately Owned Public Open Spaces (POPOSes) in the Rincon Hill neighborhood aren’t very useful to residents when they close at 6pm through the week and we’re just leaving work for the day – I asked that they investigate keeping them open longer into the evening.

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