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45 Lansing Adds 98 Condo Units and 38 Parking Spaces

45 Lansing street circa spring 2010

Photo by Jamie Whitaker

3/16/2011 UPDATE: I just spoke with Linda Avery, the Planning Commission’s Secretary, and she has also heard that 45 Lansing Street’s agenda item will LIKELY (I interpret this as 99.999%, but it still isn’t for sure) be continued to another meeting … possibly April 14, 2011. Only the Planning Commission meeting that starts at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday will provide the next decisions on when this item will be heard.

3/15/2011 UPDATE: I’ve heard that this item may get continued to a future Planning Commission date because proper notification did not occur. I’ll update further once I hear back from Ben Fu at the Planning Department.

On this week’s San Francisco Planning Department Planning Commission Meeting Agenda for Thursday is an entitlement renewal with some changes for the planned 400′ building at 45 Lansing Street. You can read the full document online to learn what is being proposed.

The big changes appear to be:

  • Increasing number of units from 227 to 320
  • Number of Studios increases from 3 to 99
  • Number of 1-Bedrooms decreases from 111 to 93
  • Number of 2-Bedrooms increases from 77 to 128
  • Number of 3-Bedrooms decreases from 36 to Zero
  • 38 additional parking spaces, bringing total from 227 to 265
  • Car share spaces increasing from 1 to 2
  • Bicycle parking spaces increasing from 69 to 93
  • Open space decreasing from 32,712 square feet to 27,079 square feet

It is sort of a shame to see that big of an increase in studio condos and zeroing out of 3-bedroom units when the neighborhood is already flooded with studios and studio dwellers tend to be transient (not long-term Rincon Hill residents who try to become a part of our community). Although, I am one of the biggest cheerleaders for Rincon Hill, and I live in a studio that I probably won’t be moving away from any time in the next decade … but I’m an oddball in that respect, I’m pretty sure. On the bright side, the increase in 2-bedroom units may invite a good number of folks with families (or plans for families) to help make Rincon Hill feel more complete.

This is one of the buildings that is part of the recently passed Infrastructure Finance District pilot for the Rincon Hill Plan Area. This means a portion of the tax increment from these units COULD (if approved by the Board of Supervisors on a project by project basis) go towards public infrastructure improvements, like building out our community’s plans for the Guy Place Pocket Park or improving the pedestrian safety in and around the neighborhood.

I don’t know of any many objections to this building from the neighborhood, so it will likely sail through just fine. Let’s hope the market gets into good shape to build it out soon and add to our growing Rincon Hill neighborhood!

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