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535 Mission Development Plans

I read about this on real estate blog SocketSite today – the plans to move forward this spring to develop an office building to replace a surface parking lot at 535 Mission Street in the Rincon Hill neighborhood. From the Simon & Associates web site ….

535 Mission Street in San Francisco is a LEED Core & Shell project owned by Beacon Capital Partners. It will be the site of a 300,000-square-foot, 27-story tower that includes office space, retail space on the ground floor, underground parking in the basement and first level, exterior open space, and an interior greenhouse. Improvements will also be made to the adjacent alley. With a goal of LEED Gold, this project is participating in San Francisco’s LEED Gold priority permitting process that provides an expedited permit review in the Planning Department, Department of Building Inspection, and Department of Public Works for any building with a goal of LEED Gold or higher. Occupant health and productivity are a design priority and will be addressed through the building systems design and materials selection. The project will feature a stormwater cistern, and project goals include a 40% reduction in water use and the diversion of at least 75% of the construction waste from being landfilled.

Hoorah for better use of land in the Rincon Hill neighborhood!

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