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Embarcadero Postal Center Letter Carriers Moving Out

You never know when you’ll learn some new scuttlebutt about things happening in the Rincon Hill neighborhood. As an example, I attended th SOMA Leadership Council meeting hosted by Jim Meko last Wednesday evening primarily to learn about the owners of the old Raw Hide club plans to open up a new club along with housing above the club on 7th Street between Howard and Folsom.  Before those folks spoke, James Widgel, United States Postal Service Corporate Communications, presented information with a colleague about a new letter carrier center being built at 550 Townsend Street. I learned that the new building, to be completed in mid-2010 approximately, would house the 100 or so folks who currently work in the Embarcadero Postal Center on the NW corner of Harrison and Main Streets.

The USPS plans to sell the Embarcadero Postal Center after all offices have vacated (the building is already 60% empty, but there are tenants other than the letter carriers who will need to find new homes).  I’ve seen drawings of additional Infinity residential towers on the north side of the lot where postal parking is currently, but I wonder how the availability of the entire block for sale might shake things up.  With Folsom Street set to become Rincon Hill’s main commercial spine, it is very important that we observe what happens to this property.

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