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Interesting Articles in June 27th San Francisco Business Times

After getting my fill of Pride activities, I went over to the Mission Bay library. I picked up the latest issue of the San Francisco Business Times (June 27th edition), and I found quite a few articles that related to either Rincon Hill or the broader South of Market (SoMa) area.

One article discussed the growing differences in demand for office space in the traditional Financial District (cooling off) compared to South of Market (doing well). Mentioned in the article was the idea of increasing height limits and allowing for more office buildings to be built on 3rd and 4th Streets.

There were quite a few articles about development in San Francisco. Articles discussed the Millennium project on Mission Street, the Transbay Transit Center, the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan status, and also provided a map with developments that are currently under way or approved – 4 or 5 on Fremont Street between Folsom and Harrison, if memory serves along with additional Infinity project buildings on Folsom between Main and Beale where the U.S. Postal Service’s parking lot currently sits.

Interesting stuff .. and I do recommend you visit our neighborhood’s closest library branch, the brand new Mission Bay library.

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