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John King Suggests a More Public Process for Block 8

Block 8 is a master planned block in the Transbay Redevelopment Area of the Rincon Hill neighborhood (which we’re defining as Bryant all the way up to Mission Street and 2nd east to the Water). John King has a good commentary on the process in today’s Chronicle that is certainly worth a read.

From my personal perspective, the block is pretty well defined as to what goes where. My only concern would be if the developers ask for exceptions or variances from what was defined in the RFP – a la the 1000 foot Transbay Tower going 100% office instead of what most people interpreted as a requirement that the building have several uses, including hotel and residential. There’s a push to keep moving office buildings further south, and that would kill off the ability of the southern half of the Rincon Hill neighborhood to become a self-sufficient residential community with stores that serve residents on the weekends as opposed to what we have now – many businesses closing at 3pm on Friday and not re-opening until Monday morning when the office worker population returns. As long as Block 8 remains residential with stores/businesses on the ground floor only, I believe we’ll be okay regardless of which developer is chosen.

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