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Likely Postponement of 45 Lansing Street Hearing

45 Lansing street circa spring 2010

Photo by Jamie Whitaker

I just spoke with Linda Avery, the Planning Commission’s Secretary, and she has also heard that 45 Lansing Street’s agenda item will LIKELY (I interpret this as 99.999%, but it still isn’t for sure) be continued to another meeting … possibly April 14, 2011. Only the Planning Commission meeting that starts at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday will provide the next decisions on when this item will be heard.

If you’re just joining us in regards to 45 Lansing Street, here’s the original post with a link to the documents outlining the proposed project. The Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association has no position on this development, by the way (have only seen one objection so far).

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