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One Rincon Hill's Development Fees May Not Materialize

There is an article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle that informs us that the $5 million in development fees expected from One Rincon Hill (ORH) may not materialize because revenues are not adding up to meet the expenses thanks to the economic downturn. While the online reader comments shine a light on how hateful and predjudiced some people are towards other people based on stereotypes and/or superficial characteristics … and how much some people just hate changes to the way they’re used to seeing things (take the result of Proposition 8 last fall, for example) … there are some very valid questions about what this means for public infrastructure in the Rincon Hill neighborhood.

While I don’t necessarily buy the notion that the development of One Rincon Hill has affected a single person’s socioeconomic misfortune in the South of Market area of San Francisco and I don’t buy that the SOMA Stabilization Fund was anything more than a ransom to get approval to build ORH, I am concerned about how this affects the development of the Guy Place mini-park, traffic calming and other streetscape improvements to make walking around Rincon Hill a safer experience for residents and visitors (like the folks walking to the Giants games), and other livability issues in the neighborhood.

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