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One Rincon Hill's New Role as Weather Beacon

I think this is pretty neat! While we’re having our Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting below in the Hospitality Room on Tuesday, a new weather beacon will make its official debut atop the One Rincon Hill tower. There’s an article about the new glow perched above One Rincon Hill in the Chronicle. My understanding is that very low power LED lights are used, and having seen them testing the lights over the past month or so, I have to say it adds a pretty highlight to the Rincon Hill neighborhood and San Francisco’s eastern facing skyline.

From the article in the San Francisco Chronicle

One Rincon’s developers have composed doggerel to go with the lights:

Glowing red, warmer weather ahead

Shining blue, colder weather in view

Going green, rain foreseen

Amber light, no change in sight.

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