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Planning Commission Approves Extensions

The Planning Commission did approve extensions on 340 Fremont, 399 Fremont, and 45 Lansing .. however, they’re conditioning the approval on keeping the lots in decent shape. The most visible hole in the ground’s (399 Fremont) owner is to come up with a plan in 30 days for a nicer looking fence and a plan to put some material over the ground similar to that at 535 Mission Street so that weeds and so on don’t clutter up and make it look so ugly when drivers come off the Bay Bridge on the Harrison Street exit ramp.

Also, I took a bunch of photos this morning, and I didn’t realize it until I took the photos that we have no way for a handicapped person to utilize the sidewalk on Harrison Street to go west of Main Street on either the north side or the south side because of obstructions (north side’s stairwell to Beale Street) or a premature end to the sidewalk (at the property line of 333 Harrison).

Also, there’s no neighborhood stakeholder group established right now to help make decisions like – do we spend money from developer fees to fix sidewalks or do we spend it to resuscitate the Guy Place Mini-Park project? We need a Rincon Hill Citizens Advisory Committee made up of stakeholders in the area. If you will help me to get signatures on a petition from neighbors in your building to the City to form such a group, please email me at jamie@rinconhillneighbors.org.

There weren’t too many attendees from the neighborhood, I’m sad to say. I know it is a tough time to make a meeting … 1:30 pm on a Thursday. However, these are the meetings that matter. Spectators will get run over and pushed aside … you gotta snap out of your spectator habits if you want positive changes in the neighborhood.

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