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Residential Development Flying High Downtown

There are a plethora of articles concerning new development in today’s Examiner.

Here are the links for the articles I spotted:
Sales of Luxury Suites Sky-High
The City’s Housing Boom
Western SoMa Plan Building Up

Related to real estate and development are articles and blog posts about tomorrow’s deadline for San Francisco homeowners to request an informal re-evaluation of their home values for property tax calculation purposes. Interesting articles include this one and that one from the San Francisco Chronicle.

You can learn more about your options on the Assessor’s web page. There are also posts on the City’s real estate-related blogs SocketSite and Curbed SF that you may enjoy.

While I’m throwing out links to interesting news, why not also give you one more about the tentative improvements along the waterfront that we’ll hopefully be enjoying in the near future (please, Lord, let them demolish Pier 36 soon and take down that “Unsafe Area” fencing).

Back to work (yes, I do have a full-time job … posting to blogs is my “smoking break,” so-to-speak). 😉

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