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Rincon Hill Day at Planning Commission

As I mentioned in a post on Monday, today’s 1:30pm Planning Commission meeting in Room 400 at City Hall is relatively focused on the Rincon Hill neighborhood. There is an update from Joshua Switzky on the Rincon Hill Plan – progress since it was passed 4 years ago and challenges going forward, I believe. There’s also decisions on extending permits for 340 Fremont, 399 Fremont, and 45 Lansing Street.

I’m going to try my best to get to this meeting on time to make public comments, but if I don’t, please go over there and tell them we need changes to our streetscape with pedestrian safety as the #1 priority. Point out that a handicapped person in a wheelchair has no way of getting up Harrison Street on either the south side (sidewalk ends after Bridgeview complex) or on the north side (the stairwell down to Beale Street by the Embarcadero Postal Station limits the space). I’d also ask that some common sense be used when trees are planted … and I’m referring to the trees planted just a couple of feet away from the concrete ramp/platform at 365 Main Street … that’s another spot that I imagine it would be difficult for a handicapped person to navigate (though I think there’s some sort of elevator device at the north end, I don’t know if it works).

We also need someone to mention that cars need to be slowed down – and let’s figure out how to reduce the number of cars sitting in our neighborhood spewing out toxic fumes into the air as they wait to get on the 1st Street Bay Bridge ramp. Midblock crosswalks would be nice too …

Also, please mention that the residents need a community center – and the Sailors’ Union of the Pacific, as described in the Rincon Hill Plan, has the potential to be shared as a community center. I believe a lot of us would like to see the idea of fixing up the Sailors’ Union come to fruition.

Then there’s the SOMA Stabilization Fee .. money going west of 5th Street for supposed “impacts” (when will there be a nexus study to PROVE it?) and we don’t even have continuous sidewalks in Rincon Hill.

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