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Rincon Hill Neighborhood's Transbay District Moves Along

In today’s Chronicle, an article by John King discusses the Transbay Temporary Terminal construction site, residential plans for Transbay Block 8, and plans for an office building at 350 Mission Street.

Although the regional sounding “Transbay Redevelopment Area” or “Transit Center District” are the official City departments’ names for the area north of Folsom and south of Market, it is the north side of the Rincon Hill neighborhood in my book – my reasoning being that the landfill that created the area east of 1st Street and varying points north of Folsom was dirt that was bulldozed off of Rincon Hill in large measure along with abandoned boats and what not. I’ve read that Rincon Hill used to be 100 feet higher than it is today at 2nd Street near Harrison.

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