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Temporarily Utilizing the Empty Lots in Rincon Hill

July 7, 2009 UPDATE: The second article, Designers who see more than an empty lot, is on the front page of today’s Chronicle.

John King has an article today and another one expected tomorrow that discusses the stalled development sites in the Rincon Hill neighborhood predominantly along with other South of Market sites and ideas for temporarily utilizing the lots. What do you think could be done with these lots during the interim period between now and when it makes sense for the property owners to start building their projects on the land? Speak up by leaving a comment to this post.

Personally, I think it would be nice to provide some outdoor play areas for the myriad of kids who live in Rincon Hill and nearby South Beach along with the many kids who spend their weekdays in the Rincon Hill neighborhood at day care centers located at or nearby their moms’ and dads’ office buildings. Maybe the Embarcadero YMCA could help figure out a good use of the land for a temporary period of time (say, 3-10 years).

A dog park is also badly needed for all of our four-legged friends, though there is already one in the pipeline thanks to Marty and Josh, our neighbors at Watermark, who have stepped up to the plate as stewards of their community and performed the needed legwork to get Caltrans and the various City agencies to agree upon making better use of the NW corner of Bryant and Beale Streets once the retrofitting work on the western approach of the Bay Bridge is all finished.

My hope is that we avoid turning these empty lots into parking lots … that is a step backwards and the wrong direction for Rincon Hill in my humble opinion.

One Response to Temporarily Utilizing the Empty Lots in Rincon Hill

  1. Parking lots are the only thing that has a chance of actually happening. No developer wants to deal with the inevitable PR nightmare of having to bulldoze a playground or park (no matter how temporary or privately owned) to put up a highrise building.