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Condo Etiquette – Overflowing Recycle/Trash Bins

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker This is the second Condo Etiquette posting on (the first was Clogged Trash Chute last October 17th). The picture that I took for this posting is probably the most extreme example I’ve seen at my building of folks insisting on leaving their (supposedly) recyclables in an overflowing recycle bin. […] Keep reading

Condo Etiquette – Clogged Trash Chute

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker This is the first Condo Etiquette posting on, but I doubt that it will be the last. I’ve only been living in a condo for 11 months, but I’m sure many of you have built up several “Condo Etiquette” items. Please email them my way if you would like […] Keep reading