8 Years of blogging the Rincon Hill neighborhood!

Just taking a moment as I try to do every February 28th to recognize that I started this blog on February 28, 2007 because I had just moved to the neighborhood and recognized the need to try to organize neighbors to demand safer streets for pedestrians. We’ve got City Hall’s attention as a neighborhood, but […] Keep reading

7 Years of Trying to Change the World

Just a note to acknowledge it was 7 years ago today, February 28, 2007, that I launched this Rincon Hill neighborhood blog with the hope that it would help unite neighbors and give us a little more of a voice with City Hall. The first blog post simply said: “Never doubt that a small group […] Keep reading

Moving to a new web host

Please excuse any technical hiccups while the Rincon Hill neighborhood blog changes web hosts. Keep reading

Change the World – 5 Years of Blogging for Rincon Hill

On this day 5 years ago, I decided to set up shop and help the Rincon Hill neighborhood to become more connected and to hopefully become more livable. A little bit each year, I think the neighborhood is getting better … with a huge jump thanks to community efforts to get the Rincon Hill Dog […] Keep reading

Nextdoor Rincon Hill website started

While Facebook, Google+, and other social networks may or may not be your thing, there’s a more targeted social network website that aims to bring neighborhood residents together and limiting access only to the neighbors by confirming residency.  I’ve just created a website for the Rincon Hill neighborhood with the boundaries of 2nd Street eastward […] Keep reading

Marking 4 Years of Blogging About Rincon Hill

Photo by Jamie Whitaker

On this date four years ago, I published my first posting to the neighborhood blog. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead Anthropologist Over 1,300 postings later, you may notice some changes in the near future to […] Keep reading

Rincon Hill Neighborhood Blog Marks 3 Years

It was shortly after watching a then-Senator Barack Obama and feeling a little frustrated with my inability as an individual to get some attention paid to pedestrian safety concerns in the Rincon Hill neighborhood that I decided to start this blog. It began as a personal endeavor where I hoped to provide a community bulletin […] Keep reading

Follow RinconHill on Twitter

I set up a Twitter account awhile ago, but I’ve just recently begun to utilize it for sharing links to blog posts.  You can follow the Twitter posts at There’s also an e-mail digest you can subscribe to where I try to summarize events and send out to subscribers once a week, though […] Keep reading

Rincon Hill History – 2nd Street Cut (1869) features Rincon Hill’s infamous 2nd Street Cut that happened in 1869 and shaved about 100 feet of dirt/sand off of Rincon Hill so that products could be moved from the piers along South Beach to the Market Street area without so many horses being killed and time wasted getting over what was once a […] Keep reading

1,000 visits to in one day

Just a quick thanks to you all for letting your neighbors know about my Rincon Hill neighborhood blog. Started in February 2007, the average daily visits has moved up fairly consistently. On the 25th of this month, more than 1,000 visits occurred to the site for the first time in a single day (1,078 to […] Keep reading

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