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Emergency responders lose 2 minutes to traffic congestion in SoMa

Research from the Mayo Clinic shows that a patient whose heart has short-circuited and has been thrown into a chaotic condition known as ventricular fibrillation — has SIX minutes to live. In the South of Market District in San Francisco, people who need emergency help from the San Francisco Fire Department’s Station 1 on Folsom […] Keep reading

Good year for bike sharing in United States

August 29, 2013 was the launch date of the Bay Area Bike Share program. They recently released this wonderful graphic of some statistics about usage of BABS for the first 3 months:   Check out this video that documents the great year 2013 proved to be for bike sharing systems in the United States, including […] Keep reading

Mud on Harrison Street splattering up on parked cars

Mud or some other substance that is covering two of the westbound lanes on Harrison Street west of Main Street is creating quite the mess for vehicle owners parked along Harrison this evening. The mud or whatever is splattering up on parked vehicles. The morning after… You can see which cars have parked more recently […] Keep reading

Traffic congestion is killing us

An arena at Piers 30-32 would absolutely increase traffic congestion, leading to increased air pollution and premature deaths. Mayor Lee, please stop prioritizing economic development at the costs of public health, safety, and well-being. Keep reading

Embarcadero traffic gridlock delaying ambulances

Just a casual Saturday afternoon around 2:30 p.m. this past November 9, 2013 – no special events scheduled along the waterfront.  Yet, traffic was gridlocked as it often is on Saturday mornings/afternoons. When someone called for emergency medical help, they’re ambulance was delayed and forced to take a questionably safe alternative route of the MUNI […] Keep reading

VIDEO: Importance of a Safe, Walkable Rincon Hill

Please watch this TED Talk. Keep reading

Bike Share Memberships on sale Monday

Screen-Shot-2013-07-13-at-2.35.39-PM For $88 pre-paid … or $99 per year with 12 monthly installments of $8.25 … you can become a member of the Bay Area Bike Share that is being rolled out by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and partner transit agencies like SFMTA in San Francisco. The stations and bikes should be […] Keep reading

Revised AC Transit Bus Staging Proposal – Much Better for Rincon Residents!


Back in March, you may recall the Transbay JPA had a meeting about relocating AC Transit buses during weekday p.m. peak times to the blocks around our residential condos on Main and Beale (which would also take away Residential Permit Parking spots for those 4 hours).  Members of the community attended the meeting and asked […] Keep reading

Bravo for SF Examiner Editors Column for Congestion Pricing!

While the Rincon neighborhood will grow by some 14,000 additional residents to about 20,000 in total by 2020, there is one huge problem that MUST be addressed. The problem is that our residential neighborhood sits between a few hundred thousand office workers’ jobs and the Bay Bridge along with other highway ramps.  Weekday evening traffic […] Keep reading

Walk to Work on Friday – Pedestrian Safety Hearing on Monday

If pedestrian safety is a concern of yours – or you just enjoy walking – consider participating in Walk to Work Day tomorrow April 12th and then showing up for a hearing on Pedestrian Safety in District 6 at City Hall on Monday, April 15th at 1:30pm in Room 263. Details below from Supervisor Jane […] Keep reading

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