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Casting Call for Extras for Moneyball Filming

Now for something a little offbeat …. A feature film version of the book Money Ball written by Berkeley’s Michael Lewis is being filmed in Oakland. It stars Brad Pitt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Jonah Hill. They are looking for extras … Check out the requirements at Keep reading

The New Dork – Entrepreneur State of Mind

Fun spoof of Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind song … with gorgeous views of and from the SoMa waterfront. Thanks to Jeremy at for sharing this hoot. Keep reading

Con artists caught in condo scheme

File this under strange tales from Rincon Hill … see the San Francisco Chronicle article to learn what I’m referring to. Keep reading

What's that smell?

If you were anywhere near Spear and Harrison Street this morning, you probably got a whiff of a horrendously bad odor. DPW had a crew using some sorta kitty litter looking stuff to sweep a mess up in the middle of Harrison Street, but I didn’t have the stomach to stop and holler out a […] Keep reading

Folgers and Hills Brothers – Rincon Hill's Former Coffee Businesses

For a brief blurb in today’s San Francisco Chronicle, we learn a little bit about San Francisco’s relationship with coffee. Specifically, the article briefly notes Folgers and Hills Brothers opening up in San Francisco – and I’ll add that their headquarters’ were in Rincon Hill. Keep reading

Statistics by zip code

I ran across this interesting statistics web site while digging around information from the map of donors to support taking away the rights of LGBT folks to marry in California. One neat statistic is that 44 percent of 94105 residents walk to work versus 31% who drive to work. It’ll be really neat to […] Keep reading

Ride on an Airship Ventures Zeppelin for Anyone?

I wandered along the waterfront in search of the satisfying taste of an In ‘N Out Double Double cheeseburger at Fishermans Wharf this morning. After the burger ‘n fries experience, I kept wandering over to the Aquatic Park beach area. I spied a big white blimp-looking thing coming over the Golden Gate Bridge. Turns out, […] Keep reading

Joke of the Day: The Examiner Editors Endorse Dishonest McCain and Unvetted Palin

I almost fell into the street laughing this morning when I picked up today’s The Examiner newspaper out of my curbside box and read “The Examiner endorses John McCain – Sarah Palin (for) Honest (HA!) budgets, Lower taxes (Ha! Sure, if you consider putting the burden on state and local governments as “lowering” taxes when […] Keep reading

Drive-By Protestors in the Neighborhood?

I’m at work in the FiDi, so I have no clue what the details are behind this. Uber-timely site Curbed SF has a post about a brief protest at The Infinity earlier today. It appears that some moving company may not be allowed to move folks into The Infinity? has made some folks unhappy for […] Keep reading